Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Keep calm and read on

Have you come across these great little posters lately? Very decorative and easily adaptable. I cant decide which one is my favourite...



Having had a sneak on google images and Pinterest, there is one for every animal fan and every vehicle...

I think I'll go with the furry friend for my diary cover!

Naturally, Anke

Friday, April 13, 2012

12 von 12

 Good morning, said Chrystal Carrington to me...

Meanwhile, outside on the balcony, on a fine Bondi autumn morning, ...
In Marrickville, the Seniors' workshop for Digital Storytelling takes some unexpected turns, old ladies from Chile, Spain and Australia share their interesting, shocking, moving and legally challenging stories!

A walk through Marrickville in search of a printing company to copy some last minute workshop booklets leaves lasting impressions, too! 
Not necessarily an activity, you might choose to do for lunch... Where is the next Vietnamese restaurant???

Back home for dinner, some awesome autumny Sweet Potato Gnocchi fill the bowl and our tummies. 

A few nighttime thoughts on new projects do attempt over the weekend, colour schemes, autumn and winter themes, book titles and etsy shop adventures.


And off to bed with an exciting Saturday morning ahead, off to look at a new home!
Naturally, Anke

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hommage to Anja

One afternoon in early December 2010, Miss T and her class friends prepared some crafty goodies for the annual Christmas bazaar at her school. Little did I know at the time, that I was to meet another mum who was to become the inspiration for this blog and other related adventures.
Anja's daughter had already made me look at her twice on the first day of the school year: a beautiful open face, with a wide cheeky smile, a gorgeous toothy gap and a blonde bob haircut - she was the nordic face of all nordic faces!

Anja and I spend many hours in the months to follow, enjoying each other's company: drawing parallels between the local "Stilbruch" and Sydney opp-shops, walking through Hamburg's flee-markets where we had met by sheer coincidence (and then spending the rest of the afternoon chatting away), showing each other latest finds, hearing about her blogging adventures and sharing concerns regarding children, men, family and life.

Anja can understand the adversities that life throws at us, health issues that temporarily put you on the periphery of society and anguish over where one is heading with all these experiences. Do you know the feeling when somebody comes into your life and it is the perfect moment? Rarely have I felt with such intensity that a period in my life has been made much more special and meaningful because of the presence of one individual!

Anja has been a gregarious, giving friend and an enormous inspiration - and I hope that with this blog being on the verge of hitting 1000 views, she will be happy to be the ONE that will get me across this milestone! ;-)

Naturally, Anke

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