Friday, January 6, 2012

The Rise and Rise of Botanical Imagery

Antlers, owls, birds and trees everywhere: One can’t help but notice the ongoing emergence of naturally inspired design tendencies from classic porcelain décor to everday scenes and products. Over the last few seasons, they have popped up in fashion, home wares and branding of anything from vodka to film festivals (
Antlers, owls – very Northern Hemisphere, isn’t it?! I dare say the Scandinavians had something to do with the push…
So I grabbed my camera this morning in an attempt to document the images that my eye meets during waking hours of a random day and here is a selection:

You might have guessed that these kind of depictions of fauna and flora make me happy! Does that happen to you, too?

My friend Sara asked an interesting question:”Does the increased appearance of owls in graphic design coincide with the disappearance of owls in their natural habitat?”
Think about it. I have.

Naturally, Anke

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