Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Makrame - the word that led me to Morocco and to Sweden and back to Germany 30 years ago... Not quite yet physically travelling, but a journey of the very young creative mind.

With a sailor in the family and much water around and grandma's small farm operation to enjoy, rope was everywhere: boats, horses, ornaments - they all depended on these natural threads.

It is not only a pleasure to see them reemerge, it seems that the longevity and versatility of rope has made a comeback for reasons of sustainability - we have come to understand that it is a much superior material to plastic!

Thank you, DS, for inspiring me again to assemble and braid some strings!!! With Easter holidays looming, Miss T will have to show some enthusiasm and may hop to school with a little makrame bag of her own soon...
Have you tried it? Please share your creations!!!

Naturally, Anke

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Make An Entrance!

The girls from Nordic Fusion in Manly, Sydney, have done some great work bringing Nordic Design to Australia - they shared this beautiful home shot today on FB - a rare find!!!

It looks like it could be a weekend project!
And don't you love the wide entrance door with the glass panel? Practical yet stylish and visually pleasing! All shown materials could easily be sourced second-hand - particularly the glasswares and ceramics...
And that thought makes me want to go to Varmland this Australian winter and check out more loppis! ;-)

Naturally, Anke

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