Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Makrame - the word that led me to Morocco and to Sweden and back to Germany 30 years ago... Not quite yet physically travelling, but a journey of the very young creative mind.

With a sailor in the family and much water around and grandma's small farm operation to enjoy, rope was everywhere: boats, horses, ornaments - they all depended on these natural threads.

It is not only a pleasure to see them reemerge, it seems that the longevity and versatility of rope has made a comeback for reasons of sustainability - we have come to understand that it is a much superior material to plastic!

Thank you, DS, for inspiring me again to assemble and braid some strings!!! With Easter holidays looming, Miss T will have to show some enthusiasm and may hop to school with a little makrame bag of her own soon...
Have you tried it? Please share your creations!!!

Naturally, Anke

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