Friday, April 13, 2012

12 von 12

 Good morning, said Chrystal Carrington to me...

Meanwhile, outside on the balcony, on a fine Bondi autumn morning, ...
In Marrickville, the Seniors' workshop for Digital Storytelling takes some unexpected turns, old ladies from Chile, Spain and Australia share their interesting, shocking, moving and legally challenging stories!

A walk through Marrickville in search of a printing company to copy some last minute workshop booklets leaves lasting impressions, too! 
Not necessarily an activity, you might choose to do for lunch... Where is the next Vietnamese restaurant???

Back home for dinner, some awesome autumny Sweet Potato Gnocchi fill the bowl and our tummies. 

A few nighttime thoughts on new projects do attempt over the weekend, colour schemes, autumn and winter themes, book titles and etsy shop adventures.


And off to bed with an exciting Saturday morning ahead, off to look at a new home!
Naturally, Anke

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