Friday, February 24, 2012

Dream On

I am contemplating donating my Dream to the opp-shop. Remember those letters and words that you could/did/wanted to scatter throughout the house? My dear Sara dislikes them and she has a point: If you put love into your front window, are you a lovelier person? Is your household filled with positive energy? Are your family members content and happy? Better put happiness onto the living room wall,too, for good measure!

Dream was already at the front door on its way out, when both Miss T and my man objected, quel surprise!!! Maybe Dream is not as invasive as love or as pressurising as happiness...
So it got a second chance on the balcony wall... half out, so-to-say. Against the gritty brown urban background, it actually works much better than before!

Speaking of dreams:
I have a dream that Nordik By Nature will develop into a little creative studio with a tiny production line, making accessories, clothing and furniture from recycled fabrics and shirts, dresses, skirts, and other materials - a re- and upcycle hub really! I dream to be the creative director of a company that develops every aspect of the business with ethical and sustainable practice and technology in mind. I would love to see us taking our passions and dream to work, making a living and living our dream as the critical mass of people who appreciate reuse-reduce-recycle grows and grows.

Naturally, Anke

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