Sunday, February 5, 2012

Prada goes Pril

If you grew up in Germany in the 1970s, chances are your mum would have bought ONE brand of dishwashing liquid - THE ONE: Pril. We kids loved it, because there would be stickers on the back: the very decorative Pril flowers. Sooner or later, these would appear on kitchen appliances, cupboards, homework books, VW combi vans, etc etc.

Now, strike me down if I am wrong..., but I came across an image in HB mag yesterday, showing a nice little 2-piece outfit from the Italian fashion label apparently worn by the devil...

Am I imagining things or have they taken inspiration from the humble Pril flower? Not a bad adaption, though, definitely more wearable than the above Tee.

It is however another proof that some things should never get lost and never be forgotten - I think I will love the Pril flower forever - for its symmetry, its great original bold colours, it naive take on graphic design in its infant boots... A bit of melancholia for the past and great joy that it has surfaced again! ;-))

Naturally, Anke

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